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The Office of Career Services at the law school houses Faulkner Law’s Public Interest Program. The mission of the Public Interest Program is to encourage law students to have a lifelong commitment to service as well as to aid students interested in careers in public interest law.

The law school believes in the rich tradition of service by attorneys. Additionally, as part of a Christian University, the law school seeks to instill an attitude of service to our students to aid those in need.

Nationally recognized for public service

In 2011, National Jurist magazine listed Faulkner Law as one of the top law schools for preparing students for public service in government.

Public Interest Law and Public Service Law Opportunities in Montgomery

Faulkner Law’s location in the capitol city of Montgomery, Alabama allows law students a unique year-round opportunity to intern and gain valuable experience in public service law. Montgomery is home to the Alabama Supreme Court, the Federal Defender’s Office, and a variety of state departments. Montgomery is also the location for the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, the Alabama Legislature and Office of the Governor. For students considering military service, Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery houses the Air Force’s JAG school.

For students interested in internships in public interest fields, Montgomery is also home to Alabama Appleseed, the ACLU, Legal Services of Alabama and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Additionally, the Alabama Law Foundation and the Alabama State Bar are also based in Montgomery.


Organizations Seeking Volunteers

Any organization seeking assistance from law students for pro bono, public interest, public service or charitable work may contact the Director of Career Services at the law school for more information: Allen Howell at (334) 386-7618 or by e-mail at ahowell@faulkner.edu