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Faulkner Law MiniPrep 2013 - August 5-8, Faulkner University


MiniPrep Syllabus - Updated July 30, 2013

10 Questions for the 1L Faculty - Updated July 30, 2013

MiniPrep Frequently Asked Questions

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New Resources for Incoming Students


Letter from Assoc. Dean Tim Chinaris

Information regarding logging into TWEN and First Assignments

Locker Agreement



Online Registration Links


Online Registration Instructions - Updated July 9, 2013

Online Registration Portal - www.my.faulkner.edu


Orientation 2013 - August 12-13, Faulkner University


Orientation Schedule - Updated July 31, 2013

LRW Reading Assignment 1

LRW Writing Assignment 1

All students must complete LRW Reading Assignment No. 1 and LRW Writing Assignment No. 1 prior August 13. Please thoroughly review LRW Reading Assignment No. 1 prior to the first LRW class to be held during Orientation. Also, please print LRW Writing Assignment No. 1, thoughtfully complete the assignment in full, and bring the completed assignment with you to the first LRW class to be held during Orientation.


Orientation Agenda - Coming July 2013

Book List - Fall 2013 1L Book List - Updated July 9, 2013

Class Schedule - Fall 2013 Class Schedule- Updated August 6, 2013

Open House 2013 Archive


Open House 2013 - Online Streaming Archive Link

Open House 2013 Agenda


Financial Aid Information

Important Information from the Financial Aid Office

Direct Deposit Form

Please complete and return your Direct Deposit Form, along with a voided check, as soon as possible in order to have your loan money directly deposited into your account and available to you at the earliest possible time. Once your completed Direct Deposit Form has been returned to the Office of Student Accounts and you have been approved for a refund, their office will make every attempt to have your funds released from the University by August 16th at 5:00 p.m. Please note that your financial institution may or may not make your funds immediately available thereafter, so check with your bank regarding when you can access the funds.

Financial Aid Student Instructions for Law Students

REQUIRED: Law Student Loan Information Form


Special Note Regarding Purchasing Books


It would be prudent to buy books prior to the first day of school, given that loan money should be available shortly after school begins. However, we recognize that some of you may have financial hardships. Therefore, the administration has asked all 1L professors to post reading assignments for August 14th, 15th and 16th electronically. As soon as that site has been completed, you will receive updated information. Since funds will be distributed this first week of school, your professors should expect you to have your books for August 19th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tara Teel in Student Accounts at tteel@faulkner.edu or Janie Holden at jholden@faulkner.edu .


Roommate and Housing Information


Roommate Information Survey

If you are interested in being placed on the Roommate List, please click the Roommate Registration Survey link above and complete the registration. If you register for the Roommate List, you will receive a copy of the list containing the given information of all those who have registered so that you can begin your search for a great roommate. Rachel Wishum, Admissions Counselor, will generate and distribute a new roommate list on May 15th, June 10th , and July 1st. Please contact Rachel Wishum at rwishum@faulkner.edu if you have any questions.

Law Student Apartment Survey - See How Current Students Rate Local Apartments



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