Faulkner University

Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Number E-mail Address
Elizabeth D. (DeDe) Bradsher
Assistant Library Director, Bibliographic Services Librarian
386-7888 ebradsher@faulkner.edu
JoAnna J. Butler
Technical Services Librarian
386-7912 jbutler@faulkner.edu
Charles B. Campbell
Associate Professor of Law
386-7528 ccampbell@faulkner.edu
Timothy P. Chinaris
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Information Resources, Director of Law Library, and Professor of Law
386-7214 tchinaris@faulkner.edu
Lee Andra (LeeAnn) Collier
Fiscal Assistant
386-7169 lcollier@faulkner.edu
Fred L. Clements
Assistant Director of Advocacy
386-7973 fclements@faulkner.edu
John C. Craft
Acting Director of Clinical and Externship Programs and Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
386-7975 jcraft@faulkner.edu
Jennifer DeBoer
Director of Academic Success
386-7550 jdeboer@faulkner.edu
Michael John DeBoer
Associate Professor of Law
386-7971 mdeboer@faulkner.edu
A. Jerome Dees
Professor of Law
386-7534 ajdees@faulkner.edu
Kenneth F. Dunham
Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Professor of Law
386-7186 kdunham@faulkner.edu
W. Robert Farmer
Acting Director of the Law Library
386-7521 rfarmer@faulkner.edu
John J. Garman
Professor of Law
386-7532 jgarman@faulkner.edu
Donald W. Garner
Professor of Law
386-7913 dgarner@faulkner.edu
Ashley H. Hamlett
Assistant Professor of Law
386-7970 ashamlett@faulkner.edu
Jeffrey B. Hammond
Associate Professor of Law
386-7211 jhammond@faulkner.edu
Dennis D. Harrison
Academic Support Counselor and Adjunct Professor of Law
386-7591 dharrison@faulkner.edu
Selena R. Hartley
Administrative Assistant to Career Services
386-7905 shartley@faulkner.edu
Mary R. Hodge
Circulation Manager
386-7216 mhodge@faulkner.edu
Janie P. Holden
Administrative Assistant to Admissions
386-7531 jholden@faulkner.edu
G. Allen Howell
Director of Career Services and Public Interest Program
386-7618 ahowell@faulkner.edu

Shirley D. Howell

Professor of Law

386-7217 showell@faulkner.edu
Jennifer K. Johnson
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and to the Asssistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
386-7213 jkjohnson@faulkner.edu
Layne S. Keele
Associate Professor of Law
386-7547 lkeele@faulkner.edu
Christopher A. Kratzer
Communications Coordinator
386-7489 ckratzer@faulkner.edu
Joseph L. Lester
Director of Advocacy Programs and Professor of Law
386-7542 jlester@faulkner.edu
Adam J. MacLeod
Associate Professor of Law
386-7527 amacleod@faulkner.edu
Kama L. Mason
Administrative Assistant to Development
386-7506 kmason@faulkner.edu
Robert L. McFarland
Associate Professor of Law
386-7549 rmcfarland@faulkner.edu
Norma J. McGee
Director of Development and Alumni Relations
386-7495 nmcgee@faulkner.edu
Kelly F. McTear
Acting Director Family Violence Clinic, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
386-7924 kmctear@faulkner.edu
Shannon B. Mohajerin
Administrative Assistant to the Dean and to the Associate Dean for Student Services
386-7514 smohajerin@faulkner.edu
Joi T. Montiel
Director of Legal Research and Writing and Associate Professor of Law
386-7917 jmontiel@faulkner.edu
Charles I. Nelson
Dean and Professor of Law
386-7514 cnelson@faulkner.edu
Andy G. Olree
Professor of Law
386-7215 aolree@faulkner.edu
Georgette (Gigi) Panagotacos
Assistant Director for Collections Management & Research
386-7559 gpanagotacos@faulkner.edu
Cynthia M. Poole
Faculty Secretary
386-7449 cpoole@faulkner.edu
Thurston H. Reynolds
Professor of Law
386-7218 treynolds@faulkner.edu
Joshua M. Roberts
Director of Admissions
386-7210 jmroberts@faulkner.edu
F. LaGard Smith
Visiting Professor of Law
386-7536 lsmith@faulkner.edu
Jeri L. Smith
Faculty Secretary
386-7513 jesmith@faulkner.edu
Christina Coan
Technical Services Assistant
386-7564 ccoan@faulkner.edu
Paul M. Smith
Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
386-7212 psmith@faulkner.edu
Ned D. Swanner
Assistant Director for Electronic Services & Research Librarian
386-7515 nswanner@faulkner.edu
Matthew A. Vega
Associate Professor of Law
386-7920 mvega@faulkner.edu
Eric P. Voigt
Assistant Professor of Law
386-7537 evoigt@faulkner.edu
Lydia R. Yancey
Assistant Director of Admissions
386-7520 lyancey@faulkner.edu
Other Numbers
Law Library Circulation Desk 386-7219  
Law School

386-7210 or

(800) 879-9816

Faulkner University Bookstore 386-7160  
Faulkner University Business Office 386-7165 businessoffice@faulkner.edu
Faulkner University Financial Aid 386-7195 cgreen@faulkner.edu