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Dr. Hilliard's Plans for using the iPads in his Biblical Studies Courses
June 25, 2012

Dr. Donnie Hilliard's plans for integrating the iPad into his Biblical Studies courses this fall.
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Donnie Hilliard has some big plans for incorporating the iPad into his Biblical Studies courses this fall.  In his Marriage and Family Relation courses, the Bible is one of their main textbooks.  Therefore, he plans on having students use the YouVersion Bible app.  With this app, students will be able to highlight passages, create labeled bookmarks, and take notes all in one location. 

Additionally, Dr. Hilliard plans on incorporating the use of the iPads into his existing collaborative group activities.  Whether students are performing a parenting skit, conducting surveys on parenting skills, or interviewing individuals on how to handle the challenges of being married, the iPads camera feature can be used to capture it all.  No longer do student have to find individuals who are able to leave their busy schedules to come in to participate in panel discussion, instead they can interview those individuals with their iPad camera, and later present those interview to the rest of the class using the AirPlay mirroring feature.  

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