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New Dependent Student Instruction Letter

To apply for financial aid for 2013-2014 academic year:
  1. Prior to completing the FAFSA application, you and your parent need to apply for a PIN at www.pin.ed.gov. You will receive your PIN in real-time, so you and your parent can use the PIN immediately to sign your FAFSA.

  2. After you receive your PIN, complete the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov by following the on-screen instructions.

  3. Be sure to include Faulkner University’s school code (001003) as one of your college choices in Step 6.

  4. After you complete the FAFSA print and complete the following 2013-2014 forms:
    a. Alabama Student Grant Program Application (if you have been a resident of
    Alabama for the past 12 months
    b. Documentation of Alabama Residency: list of accepted proofs for State Grant (5 proofs required)
    c. Federal Work-Study Application
    If you are selected for verification, we will notify you of other documents we will need.

  5. To apply for a student loan, go to www.studentloans.gov to complete the Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note online. You will use the same PIN for this that you used for the FAFSA. Complete the Student Loan Information Sheet to indicate the amount that you wish to borrow.

  6. To apply for a parent PLUS loan for 2013-2014, go to www.studentloans.gov. Your parent will need to complete the PLUS LOAN APPLICATION first, and then they will need to complete the PLUS LOAN MASTER PROMISSORY NOTE that is also located on this website. Complete the Parent Plus Loan Information Sheet to indicate the amount that you wish to borrow.

Mail all correspondence and forms to:

Faulkner University
Financial Aid Office
5345 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, Al. 36109
Fax: 334-386-7201

Email: faid@faulkner.edu

Questions? Email faid@faulkner.edu or call (334) 386-7195
You can fax all forms to 334-386-7201

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