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Cost of Attendance

How much does it cost to attend Faulkner? Each student will have an individualized financial aid and scholarship package, so it is hard to determine exactly how much it will actually cost to attend Faulkner before you apply for admission. When we receive your application, your admissions counselor will personally work with you and your family to build a great financial aid package for you.

For over 60 years, Faulkner University has been an incredible value in higher education, and we continue to strive to make a Christian education financially possible for each student.

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  Fall Semester Spring Semester Total per year
Block Tuition:      
1-11 hours $500 per hour $500 per hour  
12-16 hours $7,365 $7,365 $14,730
17-19 hours $8,400 $8,400 $16,800
Cafeteria Meal Plans:      
Platinum Eagle - 20 meals per week $1,700 $1,700 $3,400
Silver Eagle - 14 meals per week $1,600 $1,600 $3,200
On-Campus Housing:      
Dorms $1,625 $1,625 $3,250
Apartments $2,000 $2,000 $4000
General Fee $575 $575 $1,150
Orientation Fee (First-time students) $150   $150
Athletic Fee $150 $150 $300

The average cost of attendance (including 12-16 semester hours, on-campus housing, and 14 meals per week) before scholarships and financial aid is approximately $22,330 for the 2011-2012 school year.

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