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Program Policies

Students enrolled in the Justice Administration Program are held to the policies and procedures set forth in the JA Student Handbook and the Graduate Catalog for Faulkner University. In the event that the graduate catalog and the program specific handbook conflict, the more restrictive policy will govern.

The policies listed on this page are not exhaustive and do not represent all of the policies and requirements for the program. The policies listed on this page provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding academic policies and requirements.

Transfer Credit

No transfer credit is accepted for the Master of Justice Administration program.

Program/Course Participation

In the Master of Justice Administration Program each week is a course session. Course sessions in the Master of Justice Administration program begin at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday and end at 7:00 p.m. the following Sunday. For example, if the course began on 1/7/12 at 12:01 a.m., that session would end at 7:00 p.m. on 1/15/12. In each course, students in the Justice Administration program must participate, per the instructor’s direction, no later than midnight Tuesday in the first session (week) of class. Students who do not participate as required are reported as “non- participating” and are administratively removed from the course. Students who are administratively removed from the course for non-participation must check the Master Schedule of Classes and register for the course the next time the course is offered.

Grading Policies

All tests and examination material will be assigned a numerical value on a scale of 100. The Justice Administration Program uses an 8 point scale. The following brackets will be used to approximate letter grades for the final course grade reported to the University Registrar at the end of the term:


64 or below



Minimum GPA for Graduation

A student must maintain a minimum GPA of a 3.0 in the work performed in this graduate program in order to graduate from the program and receive the Master of Justice Administration degree.

Academic Probation

If a student’s GPA in the program falls below a 3.0 while they are enrolled in the program, the student is placed on academic probation. Students who do not bring their grade point average up to the program’s minimum requirements within the next term are subject to dismissal.

Course Retake Policies

In order to graduate from the JA program, a student must pass all courses in the program with a grade of “C” or better. If a student fails a course the course must be repeated and the student must earn a grade of a “C” or better in that course.

Per the policies of Faulkner University, a graduate student may not have more than two grades of “C” on his/her graduate transcript. Students who earn more than two grades of “C” must retake courses and earn higher than a "C".

Only Two Retakes Permitted

Effective December 1, 2007, a student in the JA Program may not repeat more than two courses (total) while in the program. No student may repeat any one course in the program more than once. This statement does not modify the requirement that in order to graduate from the program a student must have an overall minimum JA GPA of a 3.0 when all courses have been completed.

Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism

Plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Course instructors are free to use any tool available to them to identify acts of plagiarism and/or academic dishonesty. Students who commit acts of academic dishonesty or plagiarism can be sanctioned in any of the following ways: (1) a zero on the assignment, (2) an “F” in the course, or (3) removal/expulsion from the program. The course instructor has the discretion to choose the sanction. Students who are dismissed from the program for violating the academic dishonesty and plagiarism policies are not eligible for readmission.

Program Withdrawal & Readmission

Students who are in good academic standing are permitted to withdraw from the program and re-enter at a later time. Effective June 1, 2012, there is a $110 administrative fee charged each time a student withdraws from and re-enters the program. Withdrawal and re-admittance are handled on a case by case basis by the academic director and the admissions committee. For more information, please contact the academic director at mja.director@faulkner.edu.

Program Dismissal & Readmission

Students who do not seek withdrawal but who are administratively dismissed from the program for failing to meet the academic requirements are not eligible for readmission. Students who are administratively dismissed from the program are not charged the $110 administrative fee.
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