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The Genesis of an Academic Journal

Faulkner University is excited to announce the inauguration of a new academic journal, Faith and the Academy. The initiative of a new academic journal is viewed as a major development in the intellectual life of Faulkner and the university hopes that it will be a resource for sister institutions of higher education, teachers in Christian schools, and home-school parents.

The idea for the journal began to develop four years ago when, under the governing body of the Scholar's Council, Faulkner faculty members formed The Institute of Faith and the Academy. The expressed purpose of the institute is "to serve as the center for investigation and demonstration for the Christian faith as the foundation of learning." What that really means is that as a Christian University the members of the council aid the faculty in thinking long and deep about how the faith is foundation for learning and teaching. The Institute of Faith and the Academy also wants to help faculty to seek creative ways of demonstrating the permeating relationship of the faith to all the academic disciplines of study.

One of the accomplishments of the Institute includes the creation of a bibliography of Christian scholarly writing about how the faith affects the study of various disciplines. The faculties in each department now have resources to help them think and reflect upon their own task of learning and teaching within their respective academic area.

The Institute is also encouraging departments to seek active membership in various academic Honor Societies. The Honor societies encourage student scholarship and provides opportunities for Faulkner students to connect with other students in their area of study on a national basis. Another accomplishment is the formation of a sub-committee, Excellence in Teaching. The newly formed committee initiated several areas of investigation such as the best use of technologies and integration of the faith into the classroom, learning-assessment tools, and the encouragement of faculty toward excellence in teaching.

By far the most ambitious initiative of the Institute is the formation of the journal, Faith and the Academy. There are very few scholarly journals produced by the churches of Christ and are usually focused on Biblical studies. The Restoration Quarterly is a noteworthy example. Faith and the Academy is unique in calling for scholarly research and reflection from any and all academic disciplines about the relationship of the faith to learning and teaching.

If you are interested in subscribing to the journal, go here or you may contact:

Carolyn McCoy

5345 Atlanta Hwy

Faulkner University

Montgomery, Alabama 36109

(334) 386-7190


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