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Vanguard Audio Files

Vanguard Team Lessons

Tim Shrum speaks at Miami Gardens Church of Christ

Jason Campbell speaks at Austinville Church of Christ
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Devin Morris speaks on A Christian's Focus

Tim Shrum: In God We Trust With Our Future

Billy Camp: In God We Trust With Our Souls

Jason Campbell: In God We Trust With the Church

Tim Shrum: Fading Flower

Vanguard Mentoring Sessions

Dr. David Warren (March 16, 2012): "Wine in Antiquity and in the Bible"

Donnie Hilliard: Teaching Teens

Paul Tarence: Resumes & Interviewing with Elders

Dale Hubbert: Taxes

Fletcher: Preacher Money Management

Fletcher: Financial Planning

E.R. Brannan: Church Politics

Cheatham: Preacher's Reading Discipline

N Bowers: Dressing Preachers

Farris Austin: Dealing with Different Personalities

Ken Campbell: Growing a Small Church

Joel Farrell: Counseling Boundaries and Limits

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