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Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental

Curriculum for pre-medical and pre-dental leads to the BS degree and is designed to prepare students for admission to medical or dental school. Students should maintain very high GPA's to remain competitive for admission. Students enrolled in these programs should plan to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) at least a year in advance of their planned entry to professional school. Most medical and dental schools recommend that an undergraduate program contain at least the following:

  1. one year of general biology (many dental schools recommend an additional semester of biology);
  2. one year of inorganic chemistry;
  3. one year of organic chemistry;
  4. one year of physics;
  5. one year of mathematics (preferably calculus);
  6. one year of English and additional English courses to satisfy the baccalaureate program;
  7. one year of humanities.

In addition, most schools recommend that students also have a broad educational background. Therefore, students should take additional courses in biology, chemistry, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences as their time allows. At Faulkner University these requirements can be met by completing 130 semester hours in the degree plan.

Note that this suggested curriculum also matches closely the entrance requirements for many graduate programs in forensic science.

Because professional school requirements change with time students are obliged to communicate with the professional schools of their choice for current official entrance requirements. Click here to view admission requirements for dental and medical schools in Alabama.

View the degree plan for the pre-medical/pre-dental track.

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