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Many students come to Faulkner to earn science credits in preparation for a number of exciting professional programs available at other institutions in the region. We offer approximately two years of preparation in several specialty areas:

  • Pre-Nursing and Allied Health Our two-year Pre-nursing preparation allows a future student of nursing to earn core and introductory courses in biological, chemical and physical sciences. The specific list of courses a Pre-nursing student will take depends upon the school to which they will transfer.

    Our department has an on-going medical linkage program for transferring pre-med tech students into one of the many medical technology areas provided by Wallace State University in Hanceville. Approximately two years of core and introductory biological, chemical and physical science courses (see our catalog) would be taken here before transferring.

  • Pre-Pharmacy Several schools in the region allow students to apply to Pharmacy school prior to completing their four year degrees. Students in our department may earn the appropriate core and science course work here (the requirements for transfer vary among the Pharmacy schools). This involves a student with at least two years of course work with a heavy emphasis on Chemistry.

  • Pre-Engineering Faulkner students may take two years of preparatory classes before transferring into one of the many specialized engineering subfields taught at engineering schools in this region. The engineering specialty determines the mix of courses taken here but all pre-engineering students will take a heavy load of math and an assortment of physical and natural sciences courses along with the core.

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