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Band FAQ

When are scholarship auditions?

Scholarship auditions are January 25, February 15 & 16, and March 8, 2013. Auditions will be held on Faulkner's Montgomery campus. If you fill out the registration form, you will be contacted several weeks before the audition with your audition time. If you are unable to make either of these dates, please contact us as soon as possible.

What will our performance schedule be like?

The marching band will play for all of Faulkner's home football games and will play some exhibition performances in the area. We will also play for on-campus events such as pep rallys throughout the fall semester.

What are the audition requirements?

See audition requirements page.

When is band camp, and what is the rehearsal schedule?

Band camp will be held 2 weeks before the start of classes with daily rehearsals continuing through the following week (this week is also Freshman Experience, but band rehearsals will be scheduled around Freshman Experience events.) Once classes begin, our rehearsals will be Tuesday/Thursday 3:10-4:30 and Friday 1:00-3:00 p.m.

What are the costs for being in marching band?

There is no fee associated with participation in the marching band. The things you will need to supply are your instrument (except for piccolo, tenor saxophone, baritone, mellophone, sousaphone and percussion), black marching shoes, a marching band t-shirt, gloves, lyre and flip folder. The cost of t-shirt, gloves and shoes is approximately $45.00.

What instruments will the school provide?

The only instruments students are expected to provide are flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, trumpets, and trombones. If you do not own one of these instruments, we will help you find a rental instrument to use during marching season.

When will scholarship decisions be announced?

After you audition, you should be contacted in three to four weeks with information about your scholarship.

Can I take Marching Band as a class?

Yes, Marching Band can be added to your schedule as a class. For music majors, this will count as ensemble credit toward your degree.

Do I have to continue into concert season if I am in Marching Band?

No. Marching Band members may elect not to continue into concert season, however, students receiving a scholarship will only be given an award for the semesters in which they participate in band. In order to participate in Concert Band, members must have participated in Marching Band in the previous semester.

What about private lessons?

Private lessons are available from qualified faculty in all areas with preference given to music majors where there is limited enrollment. Band students are encouraged, but not required, to take private lessons on their instrument.

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