Faulkner University

Library User Guide for Public Patrons


Welcome to the Jones School of Law Library at Faulkner University. Our library staff strives to provide resources and services designed to help visitors to our library meet their legal information needs. The library houses a variety of print, microform, and digital materials in a clean, attractive, functional environment. If you have questions, please ask a Library staff member or visit the Library web site.



During the academic year the Library is staffed and open to students and faculty of Faulkner University, law school alumni, attorneys, and the public during these hours:

Sunday 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 11:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

The Library operates on reduced hours on holidays and during semester breaks, and typically offers extended hours during final exam periods.

Library Collection

The Library has developed its collection in a variety of formats. The Library owns or provides reliable access to federal and state primary law (constitutions, statutes, and cases); secondary resources such as legal encyclopedias and journals; practice aids such as treatises and form books; and selected non-legal reference tools. A core collection of print materials is maintained, with valuable retrospective materials available in microform. Finding aids and citators help users locate needed information and update their research results.

The collection is built and arranged around the curricular and research interests of the law school community, in accordance with the Information Resources Development Policy.

The first floor of the Library contains the Alabama section, Reserve materials, Reference collection, federal statutes, federal case law, and substantial microform collection. The second floor houses the general collection (including both other US state-specific materials, and international materials) and print law journals. Maps and guides are available in the Library and on the Library web site.

Library Facility

The Library occupies 22,500 square feet spread throughout two floors of the law school building. Near the Circulation Desk is a spacious atrium-type reading area. Study tables and carrels are scattered throughout both floors. The second floor is designated for quiet study. Computers are available on the first floor for public use after signing in with the circulation desk.

On the first floor are the Circulation Desk (including the Reserve collection), the atrium reading area with low shelving for casual reading materials, open-stack shelving, a microform area with two reader-printers, carrels and tables, the Computer Training Lab, a conference room, and staff offices. The second floor contains study carrels and tables, open-stack shelving, and historical displays.

Library Staff Contacts

Topic Contact
Circulation Desk Robb Farmer, x7521
Library tours Robb Farmer, x 7521
Library web site Ned Swanner, x7138
Research assistance Gigi Panagotacos, x7559
  Robb Farmer, x 7521
  Ned Swanner, x 7138

General Policies

These polices have been adopted in order to enable the Library to fulfill its mission to provide the most comprehensive access to our resources by all patrons, to provide an atmosphere conducive to studying, and to protect and maintain our collections. Patrons who violate these policies may be subject to disciplinary action, including loss of Library privileges, and/or civil or criminal penalties.


The Library is open to members of the Jones School of Law ("JSL") community (current students, faculty, and staff of the law school), Faulkner community, alumni, attorneys, and the general public.


Animals are not permitted in the Library, with the exception of service animals.


Bulletin boards located in the Library are for general Library, law school, and law-related information. Postings must be approved by a librarian. Bulletin boards are not to be used for personal postings (including student election campaign postings). No postings are permitted on the Library doors, windows, or walls.




The Library uses an Online Public Access Catalog ("OPAC") that is available through the law school's website from any computer, on campus or off, that has Internet access. Patrons also can search the catalog via dedicated terminals located in the Library. The computers in the Training Lab also are available for searching the OPAC, as well as for searching Internet and accessing the Library's online databases.


We understand that many of our patrons are also parents. Children may come into the Library, but they must remain quiet and must be attended by their parent(s) or guardians(s) at all times. Children under age 16 are not permitted to use Library computers at any time, unless prior permission is obtained from the Library Director or the Director's designee.


Because of the research nature of a law collection and the inter-relationship of the resources, most of the collection does not circulate outside of the Library. Patrons may check with the Circulation Desk regarding specific items. Most materials on Reserve may be checked out for two hours. Overdue materials may incur fines (see section on FINES, below). Patrons must have a valid university ID card in order to check out materials. For those items that circulate, borrowing privileges are limited to university students, faculty, staff, law school alumni, and patrons of our consortium members.


Computer equipment is to be used for educational and research purposes. Research computers for patron use are available on both floors of the Library and in the Training Lab on the first floor. JSL students and faculty and the Faulkner community have first priority on the use of Library computer resources. For members of the JSL community, wired ports and wireless access are available throughout the Library for connecting to the university's network and the Internet. All computer use must be in accordance with Faulkner University computer use policies. All public patrons must fill out a Library Resource and Materials Agreement and sign off on Faulkner's computer usage policy. Public patrons must sign in at the Circulation Desk in order to be allowed to access the computers. Public patron usage is limited to 30 minutes if there are others waiting for access. 15 minutes prior to the Library closing all patrons must sign off and vacate computers for shutdown.


The Library endorses the concept of confidentiality expressed in the American Library Association's Code of Ethics: "We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted." The Library will not voluntarily provide personal information to third parties about Library patrons or their records. This includes whether a person has a library card, the person's address and telephone number, what materials the person has checked out in the past, and what materials the person presently is using. Library records will be released to third parties only in accordance with applicable law.


The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Persons making copies are responsible for complying with the provisions of this act.


Please report any emergencies to the Circulation Desk attendants as soon as possible. Emergency exits are marked. Patrons should familiarize themselves with these exits. In the event of a fire alarm or fire drill, please walk to the nearest exit (do not use the elevators), and stand clear of the building. Please be aware of any emergency personnel or equipment that may require access to the building. Follow the directions of Library or emergency personnel and do not re-enter the building until they have given permission to do so.


The Library reserves the right to charge fines and/or fees for overdue items. Overdue items not returned may be considered lost. Lost items will be billed for replacement cost, plus a processing fee per item. Fines must be paid at the University's business office. Unpaid fines may result in grades being held, registration being denied, borrowing privileges being suspended, or transcripts and diplomas being denied.


No food is allowed in the Library. This is to prevent damage to Library materials and infestation of insects, mold, and mildew. Drinks are allowed in spill-proof containers. If you have doubts about your container, ask a Library staff member. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted.


Use of group study rooms and carrels is restricted to law students and faculty.


Patrons must use their own, valid university ID card to check out Library materials. Students may be billed for replacement cards. Public patrons will be issued access cards that can be presented for computer access. The Library reserves the right to check ID and access cards at any time.


Library staff will assist patrons in obtaining access to materials. Library staff, however, cannot interpret the law, explain the meaning of the law, apply the law to a specific situation, or otherwise provide legal services or legal advice. Patrons with specific legal needs should consult an attorney licensed to practice in the relevant jurisdiction.


Any items turned in to the Library staff will be held at the Circulation Desk through the end of the semester. For your protection, label your belongings so they are identifiable in the event they are turned in to Lost and Found. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal items lost or stolen on the premises. Patrons are cautioned not to leave their books, bags, computers, or other personal items unattended.


The Library does not have a paging system, and cannot take messages for patrons.


The microform collection is housed in cabinets in the rear area on the first floor. Equipment for viewing microforms is located near the microform collection. If you need assistance using the microform equipment, please ask at the Research Office or at the Circulation Desk.


In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to research and study, noise levels must remain as low as possible. In particular, the second floor is designed for quiet study. If you must have a lengthy conversation, please do so in a study room or outside of the Library. Please move outside of the Library to send or receive cellular phone calls. Cellular phones and pagers should be set at the lowest possible ringing volume, or on vibrating rather than beeping mode, and phone conversations must take place outside of the Library.




Self-service copiers are located on the first floor. Please report any problems (e.g., out of toner or paper, paper jams) to the Circulation Desk. There is also a pay copier located in the room next to the elevator for public patrons. See also: COPYRIGHT.


Please report any building, furniture, equipment, noise, or maintenance problems to the Circulation Desk or to a librarian. Any Library materials in need of repair should be brought to the attention of the staff member at the Circulation Desk.


Research services are regularly available throughout the week for JSL faculty and students. Research Office hours are posted in the Library and on the Library web site. Research services also may be available via telephone (334-386-7533) and via email at jslreference@faulkner.edu.


Patrons are requested not to reshelve their materials after use. When finished with a book, please place it on a nearby reshelving cart, or simply leave it on the carrel or table, and Library staff will reshelve it. If you would like materials left where you are working, leave a dated note requesting that they not be reshelved. The note will be honored through the end of the day.


Restrooms are located outside of the Library.


To enhance security and promote compliance with Library policies, the Library reserves the right to inspect materials when a patron is entering or leaving the building, or if items are left unattended.


In accordance with Faulkner University policy, no smoking or other tobacco is permitted. Use of all tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco products) is prohibited on campus.




The Library welcomes your suggestions. A suggestion box is available on the first floor.


Cellular phones should not be used in the Library except in cases of emergency. Patrons' cellular phones and pagers should be set at the lowest possible ringing volume, or on vibrating rather than beeping mode. Telephone conversations must take place outside of the Library.




A Computer Training Lab is located on the first floor of the Library. When not being used for training sessions, Library patrons may use the computers in the lab in accordance with Library and university policies.


A typewriter is available on the second floor for patron use.