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This curriculum is generally two years in duration and does not lead to a degree, however, if a student desires, the BA/BS degree in biology may be earned and application dates for admission to pharmacy school would follow accordingly. Considerable competition exists for placement in pharmacy programs so students must maintain high academic standards (e.g. GPA) to be admitted. Requirements for pharmacy school vary from one institution to another therefore students should communicate with the schools of their choice for specific details regarding requirements before scheduling their Faulkner classes. As examples, the pre-pharmacy curriculum requirements for application to Samford University's McWhorter School of Pharmacy and Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy are listed below. The courses offered at Faulkner University that satisfy these requirements are given in parentheses.

View admission requirements for pharmacy schools in Alabama.

Requirements for admission to Samford University: 68 hrs

  1. General Biology (BIO 1301/1101),
  2. Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 3393/3193),
  3. General Chemistry (CHM 1311/1111, 1312/1112),
  4. Organic Chemistry (CHM 3349/3149, 3350/3150),
  5. College Algebra (MH 1330)
  6. Calculus (MH 1451) or Business Calculus (MH 1341),
  7. Statistics (MH 2340),
  8. Speech EH (1303),
  9. History (HY 2301 or 2302),
  10. Sociology (SY 2328) or Psychology (PY 1310),
  11. English Composition (EH 1301 and 1302),
  12. Literature (EH 2301, 2302, 2303 or 2304),
  13. Physical Education (two activity courses),
  14. Nine hours of Liberal Arts courses

Requirements and recommended courses for Auburn University: 84 hrs

  1. Core History: (Western Cult. Heritage I, II and III)
  2. English Composition: (EH 1301and 1302),
  3. World Literature I and II
  4. Fundamentals of Chemistry (CHM 1311/1111 and 1312/1112),
  5. Calculus (MH 1451),
  6. Principles of Biology (BIO 1301/1101),
  7. Organic Chemistry (CHM 3349/3149, 3350/3150),
  8. General Physics (PHY 2311/2111),
  9. Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 3393/3193 and BIO 3394/3194),
  10. Statistics (MH 2340),
  11. Core Social Science (two of: HU 3360 or ANTH 1301 or SY 2328 or PY 1310 and BA 2304 or PS 2308 or PS 3308 or SY 2328),
  12. Principles of Biochemistry (CH 4349),
  13. General Microbiology (BIO 3353/3153),
  14. Genetics (BIO 3351/3151),
  15. Personal Computer Applications (CIS 1302)
  16. Additional hours in Immunology, Ethics in Health Sci.

Please note that many of our Pre-pharmacy students, after spending their first two years here, decide to complete a full four year degree here with us. If this is a possibility for you please contact your advisor in the Department of Natural and Physical Sciences at your earliest convenience for advice concerning the appropriate completion of your degree.

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