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Multiplex Rules

  • No one may enter the Multiplex without their Faulkner I.D. Card and/or membership card

  • Profanity, fighting or any other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Shirts must be worn at all times.

  • Proper athletic shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Anyone being destructive to the Multiplex or equipment will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Free weights in the weight room must be returned to the racks after use.

  • If you are strong enough to lift the weights then you are strong enough to put them up when you are finished.

  • The Track is 1/14 of a mile. Runners are to stay on the outside of the track and walkers are to stay on the inside.

  • Racquetball courts can be reserved by contacting the multiplex by email. Courts can be reserved for only that day. All racquetball equipment can be checked out.

  • Goggles are recommended for play in the racquetball courts.

  • Lockers are available in the multiplex. Any lock left on a locker not reserved will be cut off.

  • Multiplex is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged valuables.

  • Towels will be provided in the weight room to wipe down equipment, please do not take towels from the weight room.

  • Alcohol and Tobacco products are not allowed in the facility at any time. No exceptions.

  • Skates, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, or bikes will not be allowed to be worn or ridden in the facility at any time.

  • In order to check out equipment you must leave your ID card or membership card at the front desk.

  • The Multiplex closes promptly at the advertised hour. You should try to conclude your activities 15 minutes before closing.

  • Free Play in the multiplex can be suspended for intramural, intercollegiate and other school sponsored activities.

  • Dunking and hanging on the rims is prohibited in the multiplex. Damage charges will be made if a student damages the backboards or rims while dunking.

  • All food and drinks will be confined to the second floor snack area and the student activities room. Only bottled drinks are allowed on the first floor of the multiplex.

  • No one under the age of 16 allowed in the weight room.
  • No Food Allowed.

  • Dumbbells and plate weights must be returned to the rack after use. Do not leave them on the bar or the floor.

  • Please limit your cardiovascular activities to 30 minutes if there are people waiting to use the machine.

  • Please throw away all trash when finished.

  • Please put towels in the laundry basket when finished.
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