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Meal Plan Accommodations

Policies and Procedures

Some students may have medical conditions that require special diets and/or special care through Dining Services. Students may request exceptions to the meal plan through Project Key (a service for students with disabilities). In order to ensure that each request is considered in a consistent and appropriate manner, students should follow the guidelines listed below.

Guidelines for Documentation

Students who wish to request medical exceptions to the meal plan should have their *physician complete the Request for Meal Plan Exception form or submit a letter from their physician containing the following information:

  • A current statement of the diagnosis and date of onset
  • A summary of the procedures and laboratory results used to arrive at the diagnosis
  • Explain why the regular menu with self-selection is detrimental to the student's health
  • List the diet/diets recommended for this student
  • Indicate if this student should receive guidance in how to select food appropriate for his/her diet
  • An estimate of the length of time that this treatment will be necessary

The letter should be on letterhead, dated and signed by the physician. Documentation on prescription pads is not acceptable.

When the documentation is received it will be reviewed and a consultation with a physician will be scheduled as necessary. Students will be notified of the decision as soon as possible.

*Physician is defined as "an authorized practitioner of medicine, as one graduated from a college of medicine, or osteopathy, and licensed by the appropriate board." Dorlands (c2000)

All documentation should be sent to ...

Pat Morrow
Director, Project Key
Faulkner University
5345 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36109

Phone: 334-386-7185
Fax: 334-386-7124

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