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"Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation..." Isaiah 28:16

Topics Call Numbers
Child Law KF 479
Family Law KF 501 - 553
Juvenile Law KF 9701 -9710


Treatises Call Number
Children and the Law: Rights and Obligations (Jacobs) KF 479 .J33
Legal Rights of Children (Kramer) F 479 .L44

Online Journals and Databases:

(access through HeinOnline website)


Title Volume
Children's Legal Rights Journal Vols. 1-24 1979-2004)
Journal of Juvenile & Family Courts Vols. 1-54 (1949-2003)
Journal of Juvenile Law Vols. 1-24 (1977-2004)

(access through Westlaw website)


Title Database
Children and the Law: Rights and Obligations Database: CALRO
Journal of Juvenile Law Vol. 17 - present Database: JJUVL
Family Law - Law Reviews, Texts & Bar Journals Database: FL - TP

(multiple database set that includes many publications, such as Brandeis Journal of Family Law, Journal of Law & Family Studies, and NBI CLE Alabama Family Law)

(access through Lexis website)


Title Database
Representing the Child Client Database: REPCHC
Representing Children in Child Protective Proceedings Database: RCCPPR
Journal of the Center for Children and the Courts Database: JCCC

(access through ABA website)


Child Law Practice (ABA Center on Children and the Law)

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Supreme Court Docket:

Medill School of Journalism (Northwestern University)



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