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Ms. Priscilla Farris, Freshman Experience Instructor and Student Success Advisor Discusses iPads in the Classroom
March 1, 2012

Ms. Priscilla Farris Discusses the Use of the iPad in the Classroom
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I have really enjoyed being able to experiment with the iPad in the classroom! First of all, thanks to our new GradesFirst system, taking attendance in class is easier than ever because I can use my iPad to do so using the Safari browser (and hopefully soon via a new GradesFirst app!). In addition, I have begun to explore the possibilities of using Keynote presentations instead of PowerPoint. The advantage of this is that I no longer need to email myself my PowerPoint presentation or save it on my flash drive – I can create my presentation in Keynote and project the image from my iPad.

I look forward to the fall semester when students will each have their own iPad, so that I can experiment with several apps in which they can directly participate in the discussion by answering questions or viewing what’s on my own iPad screen.

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