Faulkner University

Courses in Political Science (PS)

2308 Introduction to American Constitutional Government

A survey of the structure, development, powers and limits of the federal government. (Offered on demand)

3308 American Constitutional Government

An advanced study of the structure, development, powers and limits of the federal government.

3311 American Foreign Policy

A survey of the diplomatic history of the United States and its domestic and foreign implications.

3312 Parties, Politics and Elections

A survey of the theory and practice of the American political party system, at the national, state and local levels.

4311 Readings and Analytical Writing in History (CJ 4311)

Readings and analytical historical writing covering selected topics in U.S. or World History. The major emphasis of this course is the mastery of analytical skills and writing techniques used by historians in pursuit of their craft.

4312 Comparative Government Institutions

A thorough study of the world's major governmental systems. Pre requisite: PS 2308/3308

4350 Internship (HY 4350)

An extensive and detailed internship in Historical or Political Science Research with agencies such as the Alabama Archives, the Alabama Court System, or the Alabama Historical Commission. (Offered every semester)



The course may involve a systematic reading program, library research, laboratory project, studio work, field study or creative expression. Course includes conferences or tutoring as required, but no formal lectures or recitations. Quizzes, tests and examinations as may be appropriate. HY 2099 is open to sophomores only. HY 3099 is open to juniors and seniors. May be repeated for credit. Number of credit hours awarded (1-3) will be set by department head and approved by dean.

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