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Legal Studies Portfolio Information

As part of its curriculum, the Faulkner University Legal Studies Program requires that students complete a portfolio. The portfolio has several purposes.
  • First, the portfolio provides a method of assessment to determine whether the appropriate knowledge is delivered to our students.
  • Second, to provide students with a collection of material to use as a professional presentation to a potential internship sponsors, employers, and/or entrance to graduate schools or other professional programs. This is a great opportunity for students to build a "live" resume!
  • Finally, the portfolio establishes a documented history and appreciation of service to the community.

A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that is accumulated over time. This means that students should begin the accumulation of the materials as soon as they begin the Legal Studies Program. The material collected reveals the extent of student learning, achievement, and development. The "portfolio system" is intended to specify knowledge and competence in areas considered necessary to successfully work in the legal environment. Typically, much of the material is compiled from projects and activities required within the legal specialty courses.

The portfolio is an electronic document. Students utilize LiveText (https://www.livetext.com/) beginning in the first semester of their studies at Faulkner University.


Passwords must be purchased (a one-time fee) the first semester and are utilized during the entire Legal Studies Program.


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