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Should I Major in Music?

The good news is that it is possible to enjoy a prosperous and fulfilling career in music! At Faulkner University, you can develop the skills, experience, and knowledge that it takes to succeed.

How do you decide if you should major in music?

    Ask yourself:

  • Do I deeply love music (performing, actively listening to, discussing, composing, or writing about music)?
  • Can I read music and perform proficiently on at least one instrument (The voice is considered an instrument in the music profession.)?
  • Can I imagine myself practicing, rehearsing, and studying music daily?
  • Have my music teachers or other musicians encouraged me to pursue a music degree or career in music?

What career opportunities are available in the field of music?

Performing and teaching aren't the only career options available for musicians. For more information, please check out the career page on the National Association of Music Education's website: http://www.menc.org/careers/

If you still have questions about majoring in music, call 800.879.9816, ext. 7914.

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