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Rhetoric and Composition

Rhetoric and composition courses, beyond the freshman level, are offered through the Department of English. Students may obtain a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition.

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in any field or those interested in teaching writing at the high school level will be immersed in classical and modern rhetoric. Students will learn how rhetoric is an ancient and useful study, one of the original seven Liberal Arts (along with logic, grammar, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music). The principles of rhetoric have been employed in law, politics, education, science, and religion from classical Greece and Rome through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and into the modern eras of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each of these areas will be studied.

Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric/Composition Emphasis

Core Requirements70-76
Christian Literacy(18 - 24)
Lower Level Courses
BI 1211/1311 Life of Christ
BI 1214/1314 Book of Acts
BI 2202/2302 Pentateuch
BI Elective (2/3 hours)
Upper Level Courses
BI 3311 Marriage and Family
BI 4311 Christian Cultural Heritage
BI Elective (2/3 hours)
BI Elective (2/3 hours)
Cultural Heritage Literacy(12)
HU 1310 Western Cultural Heritage I
HU 1320 Western Cultural Heritage II
HU 2310 Western Cultural Heritage III
HU 2320 American Cultural Heritage
Mathematical and Scientific Literacy(10)
Mathematics Requirement: MH 1338 Finite Mathematics or higher
Physical Science Requirement: a Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics course
Natural Science Requirement: one course from Biology
Scientific Laboratory Requirement: one scientific laboratory companion course for either the course taken for the Physical Science requirement or the Natural Science requirement
Information and Communication Literacy(21)
Composition and Literature
EH 1301 English Composition I 
EH 1302 English Composition II
EH 2301 or EH 2303
Communication: EH 1303 Speech Communication
Technology (one from the following list)
CA 1302 Computer Applications or
CS 2305 Intro to Computer Science & Programming or
INF1300 Information Research and Strategies or
ED 2325 Technology in the Classroom [required for students seeking ED degrees]
Foreign Language: 6 hours in a given foreign language
Note: Students pursuing a BA degree in English who have not earned six (6) hours or more of foreign language credit at the college level may meet this requirement by achieving a passing score on a nationally administered standardized exam in foreign language. Otherwise students will need to take six (6) hours or more in a given foreign language.
Personal and Social Literacy(10)
PE 1300 Lifetime Fitness
FE 1100 Freshman Experience
PE Activity: Two one-hour activity courses
Social Science: PY 1310 Introduction to Psychology
FASL 1090 Service-learning Course I
FASL 2090 Service-learning Course II
FASL 3090 Service-learning Course III
FASL 4190 Service-learning Course IV: Counts as a one-hour course
Requirements for Composition/Rhetoric Emphasis42
EH 3315 Technical Writing 3
EH 3301 Advanced Composition3
EH 33XX/43XX American or British Literature (upper level)6
EH 4301 Literary Criticism3
EH 4317 Rhetorical Theory 3
EH 3321 Feature Writing 3
HU 3301 Introduction to Philosophy3
HU 3303 Logic 3
EH 4361/62/63/64 Special Topics3
EH 3300 Creative Writing3
EH 3302 or 3304 Fiction Writing or Poetry Writing 3
EH 4351 Studies in the English Language 3
EH 4312 Internship3
Total Hours125-130
Note: 48 hours of upper level credits are required for graduation This number decreases by one hour for each upper level BI course taken for 2-hour credit
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