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If you're a talented singer or instrumentalist, why not let us help pay for your education when you participate in one of our performing ensembles?

You don't have to major in music to receive a music scholarship. An added bonus is that you can fulfill a portion of your elective hours and service-learning requirements with ensemble participation. If you're thinking about majoring in music and aren't sure, read "Should I major in music?"

Audition Requirements
All students must audition in person. We will provide an accompanist if you register for an audition at least two weeks in advance. Recorded accompaniments are welcome. Ensemble admittance and scholarship awards will be determined from one audition. We encourage you to audition for multiple ensembles - vocal, instrumental, or both - if you're interested.

Requirements for Singers:

For ensemble admittance (minimum audition requirement):

  • Demonstrate listening skills, vocal and/or instrumental ability, music aptitude, and sight-reading proficiency.

    For scholarship consideration:
  • Music majors should perform two prepared art songs in contrasting styles, one of which must be in Italian, German, or French.
  • Non-majors will sing one prepared song, either an art song or a musical theatre selection. There is no foreign language requirement.

Requirements for Band:

  • Music majors must prepare two contrasting pieces from the stand repertoire, one of which should be a movement from a sonata or concerto. Students may also play an etude which may serve as one of the pieces for the audition. Non-majors should prepare one piece from the standard repertoire or an etude.
  • Sight-reading exercises (on each instrument)
  • Major scales through 3 sharps and flats for non-music majors and through 4 sharps and flats for music majors.
  • Percussionists will play one prepared selection of their own choice and will be expected to play a few short exercises and rudiments which will be sent to them by mail 4-6 weeks before the audition. Music majors may wish to prepare additional solo pieces that demonstrate their skill on mallet instruments, timpani, etc.
  • Color Guard and Majorettes should prepare two routines (each approximately 2-3 minutes). You must provide your music on a CD for the audition.
Scholarship recipients must:
  • Maintain good standing with Faulkner University and their ensemble(s).
  • Keep a minimum grade point average of 2.5.
  • Faithfully attend all rehearsals and performances of their ensemble(s).
  • Travel on all tours of their ensemble(s).
  • Participate each semester in which they're receiving a scholarship.

To schedule an audition, fill out the registration form below for the desired date.

Friday, January 17, 2014
Friday, February 14, 2014
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Friday, March 14, 2014

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